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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well, when he's getting shot by bullets, he doesn't.
Sure he does.

No, a mortal gets bullet holes. SFX has to sell the idea that bullets are bouncing off Superman. Bullets just don't bounce off a mortal person. Not me, anyway.
When something hits me in the chest unless it pierces me it either knocks me over, falls to the ground or bounces off. When wind hits me in the face, my face moves. When I make an expression, my face moves. When wind blows through my hair, my hair moves.

All of those things happen to Superman too, or else he doesn't look like a human being but a piece of statuary. The notion that a high-speed stream of air wouldn't distort his features is inconsistent with the idea that his hair would move in the wind.
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