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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well, when he's getting shot by bullets, he doesn't.
Sure he does.

No, a mortal gets bullet holes. SFX has to sell the idea that bullets are bouncing off Superman. Bullets just don't bounce off a mortal person. Not me, anyway.

And then, either you choose to make dimples on his body, or make the bullets ricochet as if off steel. Maybe there is a third way. But he is the Man of Steel right?

As a baseline, I didn't like the way Hulk looked, when he was getting shot, in either film, because I didn't buy that bullets were going to make all those little dimples on the Hulk. They made Hulk look too weak. In the comics, I seem to recall seeing bullets ricocheting off Hulk as if off concrete, and Hulk's skin looking as hard as the proverbial rock. I think an American audience especially would understand a ricochet, by visual and sound FX, and it might actually be both very amusing and entertaining, if executed properly, at least coming off the Hulk.

But anyway, OK. If you want to put some dimples on Superman when he's getting shot, which is really a different story altogether than the Hulk, then that's fine, I guess. But whatever you do, it's already different from a mortal person.

If I understand your point, I think we both actually agree that having super-skin really would have implications for how Clark Kent looks in ordinary human settings. For example, if he leans over the corner of a desk, then the corner won't sink into his tummy at all, not even a millimeter. That is, unless he deforms his super-tummy using his super-will .
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