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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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And I'd still love to see a flying action scene in a Superman movie executed practically with skydiving stuntmen, rather than with greenscreen/wires or digital characters. That's something I've always wanted to see, and the closest there's ever been was an episode of The Greatest American Hero where you could blatantly see the rip cord and the parachute pouch -- but it was still exciting, and if they could do it on a TV budget, there's no reason a feature film couldn't pull it off.
I thought it was cool to see them try that (it was certainly better than putting the guy on top of a pickup truck, which they did later), but personally I thought that scene in GAH proved how the "real thing" doesn't look nearly as good as we imagine it. The way everything ripples violently in the wind like that, and the way the person's face gets all stretched and contorted, just doesn't really go with the graceful image I have of Superman.

I DID think the more toned-down version of the real thing used in SR (particularly during the plane rescue) worked really well though. I'd love to see Snyder follow SR's lead on that.
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