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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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New interview where he talks some about Superman. I'm definitely encouraged to hear that he wants a more "realistic" feel for this movie, and that it apparently won't just be in his usual, super-stylized style.

And he also plans to do a lot more location work than he's done in the past, so it won't just be another all-green screen thing either.
Yes, I was very reassured to read that. A fanciful concept like Superman works best cinematically if approached with verisimilitude. That's what Richard Donner did, and it worked well for him.

Frankly I don't mind if he continues to bring his stylish flair to the action scenes; I just don't want every OTHER freakin scene in the movie to be posed and stylized beyond belief as well (which for me was the main problem with Watchmen).
Actually I wouldn't like that. I'd prefer the action to be handled naturalistically too. We've already seen plenty of Matrix-style slo-mo and Snyder-style speed ramping in Smallville's action sequences, and though there have been occasional moments when it's reached the level of artistry, for the most part it's long since become a cliche.

And I'd still love to see a flying action scene in a Superman movie executed practically with skydiving stuntmen, rather than with greenscreen/wires or digital characters. That's something I've always wanted to see, and the closest there's ever been was an episode of The Greatest American Hero where you could blatantly see the rip cord and the parachute pouch -- but it was still exciting, and if they could do it on a TV budget, there's no reason a feature film couldn't pull it off.
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