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Re: Howard Stern Sues Sirius-XM

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Why does this have anything to do with whether Stern deserves "sympathy" or is still any good at his show?

Sirius agreed to pay him so much money. As a favor to them, he opted not to take his cut of profits for a couple years. But now it's time to pay up since they're profitable again. Trying to get out of it by excluding the XM merger is ridiculous. The agreement is based on the number of subscribers to the service. A subscriber is a subscriber is a subscriber--Sirius is just trying to split hairs so they don't have to pay. Stern has a right to be pissed and to seek his due.
Exactly. Sirius is trying to bite the hand that fed them in those very shaky early years. I'm not a big fan of Howard any more, but that money is his, and they need to pay up. Hell, I'd be upset too, particularly if I gave them a huge break when they were financially insecure. Talk about "no good deed"!
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