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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

As I have been reading this particular thread I am seeing a lot of hate towards Beltran. Was he my favorite Trek character? No. Was he the worst in my opinion? No. I think the problem with him in addition to Beltran being kind of being a stick in the mud was that his character wasn't that great. I thought the idea of having a Native American Maquis on Voyager was cool. Very early on in the series one gets introduced to Chakotay's spirituality and his Native American practices but then the writers just kind of stopped writing anything interesting for him and that was disappointing. From about the third season on, the creativity behind Beltran's character was just uninspired and and non-interesting.They hardly even had any Chakotay-centered episodes. Having a Native American character could have been really interesting and it just wasn't. I thought they were going to show more of his ethnic background and personality and they never really did and that was disappointing to me. I partially blame the writers for this.
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