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The thing I liked most about Invictus was Freeman's performance - well, obviously Freeman's amazing, but doing Mandela had him break out of his usual acting style for the first time in a while. Not just the accent, but his diction, etc. is completely different.
Definitely, I agree. It was nice to see him break out of the mold set for him by his performance in The Shawshank Redemption.

47. Robin Hood (B+)

Robin Hood: My reaction to the trailers was something along the lines of, "why do we need another one of these movies again?" Well, maybe we didn't need another version of the Robin Hood myth, but this is a pretty damn good one that departs from the usual way in a few ways (Robin is less light on his feet than he is a physical fighter, which makes sense given Crowe; Richard is killed rather than captured). People might complain that it departs from history, but since Robin Hood is fantasy anyways, I don't mind. I kind of hope we get a sequel, even if it would probably be the "more of the same" movie that I feared this would be. This is an origin story (a fact that was oddly neglected by the previews) not the usual Robin Hood narrative. Ridley Scott's attention to visual detail was, as always, excellent. And I don't know what was added in the extra 15 minutes that are in the Director's Cut I saw, because it all felt essential to me.
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