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Okay, dammit, I am getting really annoyed at life. So for about 2 weeks after my shoulder recovers, I have really awesome workouts. My diet is good, and I'm making progress.

Jump to last Wednesday, and I spend 3 days sick with food poisoning and am unable to eat. I lose about 15 pounds, a lot of which is water, but some is definitely muscle.

I finally got back to the gym tonight after taking the weekend to rest and recover, and my workout was about what I expected it to be: really mediocre.

I am now bound and determined to stopping letting shit get in the way of my bodybuilding. I am going to write out a routine. I am going to follow it religiously. I am going to spend my days off cooking obnoxious amounts of food so my muscles can recover and grow.

Shit is about to get real.
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