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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

I don't know about two "full length" episodes. One possibly since the last of the pickup footage was shot Saturday and mailed to the editor Monday. And once that's done, we've got two or three vignettes that are getting close to being ready. Our second "full length" episode will start filming this week (going to shoot Tactical Officer Polim's bridge scenes, as well as some of Sarat's followers in the trees), but shooting should last until June.

I thoroughly expect Maurice to be finished before June, but if not, well, it's their production, not mine.

But I have an advantage that Maurice doesn't have. I needed more footage of Captain Grigory on the bridge. So I had Jeff come over, and we shot it on the bridge set. Maurice doesn't have that luxury. If he needs more footage, he's got to find it in the footage that was shot since there's no bridge set for them to shoot on.
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