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Re: The Adjustment Bureau: Discussion and Grading

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Locutus summed it up fairly well: watchable, enjoyable, but not especially memorable, and it really didn't explore the interesting premise to its full potential,
I agree. I did like the love story and the on-screen chemistry between Blunt and Damon was very nice.

I felt a bit of Inception at times as well as Johnny Mnemonic (1995) with the chase scenes.

The idea of the doors in The Adjustment Bureau though reminds me of the thread about teleportation in SciFi . It uses the old SciFi/Fantasy plot device the portal.

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honestly, would probably make for a more entertaining TV series
Not sure I agree with this. It would only not have the two lead actors from the film but I think it would be similar to the route of the possibility of Inception turning into a TV series that this thread discussed:
Could "Inception" work as a TV series? (hypothetical)
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