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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced (3/17/11--Aronofsky qui

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Even though their last three movies were almost universally panned (I haven't seen "The Matrix Revolutions" or "Speed Racer"), I still think they're talented. If you doubt it, watch "Bound" and "The Matrix" again. They could still make a comeback/rebound with a good movie and surprise you.
While I don't think they've never exhibited any talent...though I think an argument can be made in the "some folk only have so much in them" vein and that they're creative well has been drained...I also just don't think they're appropriate directors for the material. If there's one thing this Wolverine definitely needs less of, it's "flash," which is what The Wachowski's are best at.

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Regardless of silliness, no one is able to make a summer blockbuster superhero movie as an auteur vehicle. There is always a ton of studio influence and the whole thing tends to be much more of a group effort - perhaps that's not what the guy is looking for at this point in his career.
I think both The Dark Knight and the first Iron Man were much more auteur vehicles than you realize.
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