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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

There's already a Remembrance of the Daleks set. It, along with the Revenge of the Cybermen set, were released in the UK only. The Remembrance set was four Daleks, including the Special Weapons Dalek.

As for these... I've skipped the Resurrection and Revelation sets. I already have quite a few Daleks. I'll be skipping these. They're just repaints, of the Daleks, and the Fourth Doctor. And I've got three or four variants of Tom already. But I'm wondering if there's a lighting/colouring issue with the Destiny set. Tom's jacket should be grey, not green. Unless the colour on my DVD is distorted.

They're nice, but for me, not worth getting. And I wouldn't need 4 variants of a classic Davros either.

My interest in the figures has been waning. It may just be because the classic releases have all be variants/repaints lately.
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