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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Yes. Given enough time, people would shrug off the stories of Section 31 as "old news", long past, irrelevent to "our present time".
How much time?
It depends on circumstances--particularly unrelated events, major or minor, affecting the quadrant, diverting the attention of the people. It's amazing what ten or twenty years can do.
This is the point when I ask you for real-world examples of how normal countries react to rogue state agencies responsible for terror within and without their borders.

Not at all--quite the opposite. I would imagine the people of Russia care very much for freedom, civil rights, etc. It's the government which cares less for freedom than, say, the Federation.
As Sci notes, the Russian electorate doesn't really care. A lot of this has to do with the coincidence of democracy's appearance--or non-totalitarianism's, anyway--at the same time that Russia fell apart. The likely undeservedly negative association of political pluralism with economic privation and social chaos did a lot to discredit democracy's adherents, who as Sci notes weren't numerous to begin with.

As I've said, the majority of Federations citizens probably would be upset--again, that's why 31 is so secret.

But I'd imagine it would spark a debate much like we're having here--just much more widespread.
You seem to think little of the Federation's citizenry. Why would there ever be a debate over the acceptability of Section 31 when the organization is clearly shown to inveterately violate norms of Federation behaviour?
Because the question would inevitably arise as to whether the "norms" had, indeed, kept the Federation safe...or whether it was Section 31 which did the protecting.[/QUOTE]

What evidence is there for this?

Let's take the single example of the genocide attempted against the Founders. The deployment of the viral weapons was very high-risk: if the Dominion determined the cause of the sickness besetting the Great Link and the virus' origins in the Federation, what would keep the Founders from escalating the conflict further? Metagenic weapons are easy enough to make and deploy, likewise planetcracker and sunkiller weapons, and the Dominion didn't show any compunction against genocide against non-existential threats. What mercy against the foreigners who murdered their gods?

And even without the Dominion finding out, it's not obvious that the disease's progression did anything to weaken the Founders, who recruited the Breen as allies and were ready to bleed the Alpha Quadrant white notwithstanding the species' impending demise. Section 31's disease may have worsened the war.
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