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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I think Brenok did what he had to do. The Federation tends to act too late on things--but Cardassian lives on the line might, might finally be enough to get them to act, once Ronus' report is added in.

The Federation-Klingon alliance has to end. They have to see what their "allies" really are: cold-blooded murderers. Where Brenok has hope is in appealing to the Federation's people. That's one thing about democracy: if he can get the people angry enough, outraged enough, they'll force their government into action.

At least in Sigils, you'd have officers like Spirodopoulos who despise the alliance with the Klingons, and others both in Starfleet and in the population, too, who would protest and kick up such a fuss that the government might actually have to think twice before sitting it out.

The Cardassians ARE better allies than the Klingons.

(And Ronus' remark about "eating ME" was hilarious! Why Jadzia Dax wasn't totally grossed out, I have no idea! I mean...yuck. It DOES seem like it would be Trill cannibalism! )

Now...other subjects...

Nerot's cute. You really do a good job creating some huggable Cardassians, don't you?

Tolkar Saratt, Medic Nerot, the younger version of Brenok, Borad, and Aladar...they'd be like a basket full of kittens! (Don't tell the soldiers that they belong in a "basket of kittens," though! )

Brenok is now a full-grown cat. Still cute, but don't try to put him in his carrier and take him to the vet. (But he NEEDS to go to the vet; he really does. This new symptom is very worrisome. It also makes me think of what will happen as my Gul Berat gets older.)

Ronus...oh, boy. He has bad timing. That was the worst time for him to have that conversation with Laran. If he wanted to actually make a point and be listened to, doing it while Jarol was laying on a biobed either dying or facing the prospect of serious brain damage was not the time to do it. He was right, and I think that if Laran is ever going to be a successful archon, he will have to face the fact that Ronus WAS right. He will have to face the fact that if ever his mother is put in a tribunal, he will have to recuse himself as archon, that he cannot and must not abuse the law in any way to protect her. (Though he could be her "lawyer," because a lawyer is someone who takes sides, by definition.)

He does at least know the truth deep down, and so far, so far, he does not strike me as arrogant. In some ways, I like the fact that he allows himself to be afraid and confused when it's the time for those emotions. He's not wearing a mask, so that means he hasn't sealed himself off the way Gul Dukat did and Jarol is in danger of doing.

(As for a potential sentence for Jarol...I think, sadly, that the injuries she has just suffered may force the sentence that she requires, that is not death: loss of power, prestige, and position. But I would not make it a merciless sentence, though. I would not want her symptoms to be severe--just disqualifying as far as military service goes. I would send Laran back to Cardassia Prime where he could be there, and she could have family with her: her parents and her son both. The best part of her is the "family member" part...taking the rest, and leaving her in a position where she could enjoy that part would help, I think, to repair and redeem her.)

As for who Laran reminded Ronus of, though...was it the man that his previous host, the woman, fell in love with?
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