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Re: Netflix Instant Queue Wiped Out

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Yes our roku was fine until they added all that other mess, so when some things won't play, we switch the the PS3 stream or our other blu-ray player. My husband was interested in the new boxee, but I talked him out of it. I just don't like that one.

Any other time the slightest problem usually makes all kinds of internet tracks. Go fig. Honestly, this is why I really miss all the friends and community features!

Does anyone else think their disc service has dropped a nod now in the push for streaming? A lot of our discs end up damaged, we suspected there was something going on with our mail since there was a delay in turnover and the envelopes were damaged, and since I lean towards a lot of obscure stuff, about half my queue is always on a wait of some kind.

Then again, sometimes I can't keep up with everything I want to watch. I would cut my cable if I didn't watch so many sports. Maybe I'll be super pleased and excited again when they get all that CBS content. Maybe I can watch some things that got blocked on my Hulu thanks to their push towards the Plus subscription. Right now I'm just trying to finish Buffy!
Yes, and I dropped their disc service completely. Netflix is now making a push for streaming, because it is vastly cheaper than DVD mail service.
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