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Re: Netflix Instant Queue Wiped Out

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Is there any outside source documentation about these changes and upgrades and complaints? My husband says there's been nothing on Hacking Netflix, which is usually on top of all the issues.

We were thinking about getting a new roku, too, just to see if ti would make a difference.
I'd wait on the Roku. It seems that right now, every device but Roku is working properly. I love my little Roku box, but it is getting frustrating when I see Netflix stream flawlessly on PC, Wii, XBOX, PS3, a hundred different blu-ray players, and it just won't work right for my Roku box, and yeah, Hacking Netflix is lacking any information, the Netflix Blog is lacking info, the Netflix Community (Ning) has nothing on it. Roku's support forum is all over it, but it's just schlubs like us trying to figure out what's going on, with no official word in dozen of pages regarding this latest event.
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