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Re: Netflix Instant Queue Wiped Out

Snaploud wrote: View Post
It seems to be working fine for me. Though, there was a glitch in which it was hard to delete more than one show at a time (from the online queue) a few days ago.
I had that glitch a few weeks ago. I'd delete one, it would take it's time, refresh, then I could delete another. It would take about a minute apiece for each title, which is a headache if you have 400+ titles.

KB24 wrote: View Post
It was fine after a half hour or so for me. I had to enter and exit and reload a few things.

Does anyone else have the fancy features with search, the recommends, recently watched, and new listings for every genre? All that is nice, but that seems to be when a lot of our issues began with that upgrade. My husband says the roku box gets slower and slower for him and needs to buffer more. Did Netlfix put too much content with too many subscribers before all of it could be fully handled?

I know there are rights windows and issues and such, but I don't see why certain programs just can't remain streaming or available indefinitely. If they are trying to consolidate seasons, you would think they were moving to some sort of longer archive streaming. Yet we know that huge change is coming April 1. Besides, don't you hate it when they will have a series streaming, then have one or two episodes as disc only? IF they are bulking series, they better eliminate that crap.

Comedy Central Presents was listed as somethign like 200 episodes, but that is not a season by season show you need to watch in episode order. I could see if something like 'History's Mysteries' or other documentary series were grouped together, but serial, dramatic programming should not be. Can you imagine if they did something dumb and put everything from a show like 'Masterpiece Theatre' together?! Come on now.
Yeah, I have the 1st Generation Roku box, and trouble didn't start until version 2.9 build 1529 came about. Once that did, everything started going nuts. I don't run all the fancy stuff because it slows everything down, but even so, I have a lot more rebuffers, titles that simply won't play, and other little glitches here and there. What sucks is that if you visit the Roku forum, they're tight lipped about what's going on, and this has been going on for at least 5 weeks, since the initial build update.

As for bulking, yeah, that irritates the piss out of me. Family Guy Season 8, for example, is only half a season in streaming, and it's been that way since they put it up there. It looks like they consolidate a few more. Married with Children is now one huge block of episodes, and so is Newsradio.
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