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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I wonder if people consider Peter to be a "menace" due to Daily Bugle propaganda? As I suspected after it was revealed Jonah wouldn't be in it that we could still have him be a big presence in the back ground.
It occurs to me that the centrality of the newspaper and print media may be one item of the Spidey mythos that is dated and could be changed.

The workings of the Daily Bugle, Spidey's job as a reporter getting pictures for the paper, Jameson himself, that whole aspect of Spiderman's story and supporting cast does feel increasingly anachronistic.
I thought that sort of point was touched on in an interesting fashion in Superman Returns, when a kid with a cellphone took a better picture of Supes in action than Jimmy Olsen did.

I think one of the Superman reboot ideas was that print papers are dying and Superman re energizes the newpaper industry when he arrives
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