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ENTER! Avatar Contests - Anomaly / Tribute To Travis

Last week on Enterprise Avatar Contest...

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Evidently a shapely white catsuit beats icky prosthetic makeup! For Episode, yours truly took first with the lovely T'Pol, while puppy kisses go to our twin runners-up, Admiral Shran and Skywalker for their icky prosthetics (and hilarity).

In Theme, TATV gets another round of Worst Ever! votes, care of Skywalker. Second place goes to star for an uncomfortable moment between Phlox and a feverish, fevered T'Pol.

Thank you kindly for the votes, and congrats to the winners and puppy-kissees, as well all who entered and voted!
And backward we go to "Anomaly." The theme, suggested by my co-winner Skywalker: "Tribute to Travis--that's right, Travis Mayweather. But there's only one catch: it has to be something positive, no jokes or backhanded compliments." I will add that any nice shot of Travis will do just fine, too.

We'll keep the entry thread open for at least four days and see if enough of you brave souls have thrown your hats into the ring.

My entries--



Now let's see some avatars!
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