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Well, I guess I'm back to watching again for now, since they seem to be starting an arc with this Deker guy. At least the Shinkenger stories they're adapting are starting to get interesting even if the execution remains weak. And it's weird that this villain (?) is being played by Ricardo Medina, Jr., the Wild Force Red Ranger. I mean, we've had former Ranger actors come back to do villainous voice roles before, but as of today's episode, Deker took a human form and Medina appeared on camera. I think that's a first, having a former Red Ranger (or any core Ranger) return in a different on-camera role.

One thing from Shinkenger that I'm not at all fond of is the Zord design. These are just about the clunkiest-looking Zords and Megazords I've ever seen. I wasn't fond of the Cars-inspired googly-eyed Zords of Go-onger/RPM, but these aren't any better.

Also, what's with the villains? I've just realized that 6-7 weeks in, I barely have any idea which of those monsters on the boat is the main villain. I've figured out that his name is Master Xandred and he's the red guy with batwing-like thingies sticking out of the sides of his head, but he's barely a noticeable presence in the Sanzu barge scenes because he's usually just sitting around moaning about his headaches and taking medicine. There seems to be a lot more focus on the other villains. Xandred just doesn't come across as an imposing antagonist at all. At least Rita Repulsa only got her headaches after actually doing something that was thwarted by the Rangers. This guy's a frickin' hypochondriac. (Although I gather his Shinkenger counterpart is actually guzzling saki, not medicine, so it's a tossup whether a hypochondriac is a more ineffectual villain than an alcoholic.)
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