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Data’s desire to understand and experience emotion, and his frustration at being unable to do so, appear to be emotions, belying the very premise they were trying to establish.
That Data is a total robot is not the premise, even if Data himself states he feels no emotion. But if the premise is that Data, created by humans and having a human experience, will develop a sense of humanism and emotion beyond his programming, then it makes sense.
Worse, neither the writers nor Spiner appeared to have any idea why Data wanted to be more like humans.
Again I think you misunderstand the (admittedly evolving) premise. It's because he already is more like humans than he knows. His intrinsic curiosity is one of these qualities.
So here’s my idea of a better way the character could have been imagined:
That's a cool story arc, if a bit paint by the numbers
That, unlike what we actually got, would have been interesting and made some sense.
To you.
Their “exploration” of this aspect of Data’s character consisted of little more than a bunch of scenes of Data making puppy dog eyes asking Picard to explain emotions to him, and Picard giving answers that were profoundly lacking in profundity.
Now you're just ignoring the show to belabor your point.
They painted by numbers, and did it poorly.
They did PBTN. In some ways you have to. For me it's the Lore stories that are painfully cliche and PBTN, even worse when they essentially do it again with Sela.

A Data character more along the lines of Schwarzenegger's character in T2 seems to be what you're thinking. Either is a valid exploration. I like what we got with Data with his apparent contradictions.
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