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Re: Rerun dates?

I noticed that as well!

For years in this forum we've been trying to figure out just what the hell was going on with this episode.

Stuff we know :
  • The guy who was supposed to play Lazarus (John Drew Barrymore) disappeared just as the episode began filming. His replacement, Robert Brown was dragged straight to the set to begin filming the minute he signed his contract.
  • The show was on such a tight schedule to make its airdates, that had this show been scrapped, the show may have missed its delivery date, and probably would have been cancelled there and then.
  • A large chunk of the episode dealt with Masters falling for Lazarus, and helping him steal the crystals. (Check out this great article if you want to know more) But for some reason, at the very last minute this was changed in favour of long, talky scenes between Kirk and Spock, and Lazarus falling off Vasquez rocks multiple times.

Stuff we don't know :

  • Who gave the order to change the script.
  • Was the order given to cut an interracial romance?
  • Now another mystery - why was it not aired as scheduled? Perhaps it was considered so bad that it shouldn't be aired so soon in the show's run?
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