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I know there is a whole "In Nolan We Trust" club out there on the 'net but is it possible he is treading into the "too many" baddies arena? Remember most still think Talia is yet to be cast also. If that speculation comes true(like Joseph's casting just now has) then that means at least 4 villains in Rises.
As long as all the characters serve a clear dramatic purpose and make sense together, I think it will work. It's only a problem, really, if the whole thing feels disjointed and unfocused. This can happen when multiple villains are used to disguise the fact that a film doesn't really have anything to say, or when the villains aren't seen as menacing or compelling enough to carry a movie individually.

It sounds like the first part of this film will be a Broken Bat type story where Batman just gets overwhelmed by the sheer number of threats he is trying to cope with. So, from that point of view, a large number of villains is mandatory and should be effective.

And then, in the second half of the film, The Dark Knight Rises.
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