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Re: Star Trek: The Experience

I went on two occasions: 2002 and 2005. Out of the two rides I liked the Klingon one the best. Overall the place was a Trek fan's version of Disneyland only with Trek stuff. They had these huge mock up models of the Enterprise A and D along with Voyager and a Klingon Bird of Prey hanging overhead.

The museum which was against a wall/queau was pretty neat. I also liked hanging out at DS9 and interacting with the actors. During lunch I got a member of our party to rub a Ferengi waiter's ears and the Ferengi loved it! She nearly killed me when I told her about what she did. One other thing I remember is drinking the Romulan Ale (blue colored beer) that turned my you know what a differrent color later on!

During the 05 visit I took a behind the scenes tour and found out how they accomplished the transporter effect for visitors, which I admit took some of the fun out of the trick (I also had to sign a confidentiality agreement for the tour).
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