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Re: CGI holosuite story

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What is that additional thing? Interactivity and socializing. Maybe not interactivity in storytelling, since that easily becomes an unwieldy mess, but the kind of interactivity and socializing you might see right here at TrekBBS, but linked more definitively with the program content.
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Maybe the way to do this is to work backwards from the result. What would the ultimate Star Trek entertainment experience be like? Easy: a holosuite story where TrekBBS denizens inhabit avatars
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And at that point, link the main traditional-narrative series up with game-type audience participation by creating short-run games that spin off of story points from the main series.
Temis are you talking about this idea I brought up almost 2 years ago?

and this similar idea I mentioned later?
That's a way to create an environment. Now what do people do with it? How do you get them to pay for it? How do you overcome the barrier to participation that happens with gaming environments - where it's simply too hard for people to jump in, so they don't try. Compare that with the passive brainlessness of TV watching - that's a big gulf.
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