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Re: What next for Mass Effect?

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I have faith that if they take their time they could make it work. Emphasis on "take their time"

*glares at Dragon Age 2*
We have at least one BioWare employee posting here, and while I'm sure that he / she / it can't divulge any details, I wish we could get some insight as to how BioWare's operations have changed since the EA purchase. Prior to 2007, the company released a full game every two - three years or so. Since then, we've seen Mass Effect and Sonic Chronicles in 2007/8, Dragon Age: Origins in 2009, Mass Effect 2 and the Awakening expansion for Dragon Age in 2010, and Dragon Age II, The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 in 2011.

I'm aware that BioWare has multiple studio locations, but ramping out so much product in so little time can't possibly be a good thing. It's like how Tiburon has become little more than a Madden factory.
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