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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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People are already debating what in the comic is or isn't canon... I won't be surprised if it comes down to "So, this panel is canon, but the next one maybe isn't, and this panel is canon but the balloon in the left corner isn't."
Is the debate valid, though? I'm of the understanding that Joss himself established all of the comics' major plot points before assigning them to the writers for completion. Doesn't that make the comics Whedon canon by definition?
No, the story about Spike's bug ship is from Joss, and he oversaw Willow's dialogue, but the 'soul for a soul' stuff comes from Lynch, as does everything with Dru, and of course the characters created by Lynch (Beck, Betta George etc.).

I doubt that the 'soul for a soul' idea will ever be referenced in DH comics. I'll be very surprised if it does.
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