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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced (3/17/11--Aronofsky qui

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EW is saying that Fox has no replacement lined up for Aaranofsky and seems to be in no hurry to move forward with it:
This article is full of mostly commentary and speculation from an unnamed source implying they are in "no hurry to move forward".

Then the last bit of the piece reads like this:
In fact, given that so many key elements are already in place, the source says itís possible that a new director could ramp up production on The Wolverine as early as this summer.
So anywhere between June and August they still could get started. Maybe the area they plan to shoot in Japan could be repaired enough by then. That would be 5 months, maybe if just focus on the one port they intend to shoot was done.

Anyway I say the best bet to know if this project is still viable over the next 5-6 months is if Hugh Jackman is still on his massive protein intake and workout schedule. That will be the most telling. If he's no longer bulking up the project has been shelved, if not it's going forward soon enough.
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