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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

We have Bane and Catwoman, is Nolan treading thin ice with Joseph now cast as a yet to be named character(villain?). Especially if he's a villain of the flashy sorts.

Yes we've had Scarecrow in a support role, Zsasz in a brief cameo and Falcone as well but would Joseph leave his whole summer open for just a support or cameo role? Those other three "third" baddies in the movie were roles that could be filmed in a week or so.

I know there is a whole "In Nolan We Trust" club out there on the 'net but is it possible he is treading into the "too many" baddies arena? Remember most still think Talia is yet to be cast also. If that speculation comes true(like Joseph's casting just now has) then that means at least 4 villains in Rises.
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