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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Also, I ordered a 16 GB USB flash drive to extend the puny 20 GB HDD space on my 360.
These days you can find some very good deals on the internet for a second hand 120Gb Xbox HDD to substitute yours, and a transfer cable to go with it so not to lose all the content you already have.

That's what I did and I'll never look back.
Yep, I know - that's definitely the way to go in terms of bang for the buck!

The USB flash drive is more of a short-term solution to keep my expenses down this month.
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... I did also pay for some new (and some old but re-collared in contrasting colours) bespoke shirts, which I ordered a while back but only received yesterday:

Very nice! I have quite a few similar shirts although I'm in the process of changing my wardrobe to "plain white shirts + tie only" after watching too much Mad Men
Thanks SPCTRE. I'm pretty far from being a clothing minimalist. Not orthogonally positioned to it, but pretty far in the opposite direction, so I could never go white shirt only. It is a very smart business look though, if done right.

Casual looks are harder with just white shirts though I think, esp. if you like earthy colours for casual items. White can be too stark against those I feel.
It is a very smart look and to be honest I'm pretty much overdressed for the company I work at, but what the hell - I enjoy wearing that stuff

Your point about the casual looks is also very true, I feel pretty much the same - which is why I'm not getting rid of my old shirts

I just wish I didn't need extra-long sleeves, that would definitely make it easier and less expensive to get new shirts.
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