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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

DEMON - 4x24 - 1/5

This episode is a total mess, but before I get into that, I want to discuss something.

If ever there was evidence that Tuvok is a dick for no reason, this is it. When the crew is funneling themselves into the various areas of the ship for power saving measures, Neelix is intercepted by Tuvok (by the way, Neelix falls over, which I enjoyed immensely). Neelix is dragging a whole pile of crap with him, which Tuvok says he can't do. Fair enough, take only the essentials. However, when it comes down to it, Neelix is taking a blanket, a book and some pillows. Tuvok says they can replicate Starfleet issue ones once he's there. WHY. NEELIX ALREADY HAS HIS SLEEPING GEAR. Why does he have to waste time taking them back, and energy replicating SPECIAL STARFLEET BLANKETS. I mean for crying out loud, not only is Tuvok being a dick for no reason, he's advocating wasting energy, THE WHOLE REASON THEY ARE CORRALLING PEOPLE INTO THE CARGO BAYS IN THE FIRST PLACE! The only non-essential Neelix is taking, is a BOOK. A FUCKING BOOK. Now I'm all for not making exceptions to rules, but really, if every crew member took a BOOK, it really wouldn't affect the problem of space being at a premium. I mean, Neelix could probably pocket it in that ridiculous outfit he has.

Tuvok: get over yourself you dick.

Anyway, this episode absolutely boggles my sensibilities. First of all, they can't send a mining probe down because it will be crushed. Okay, fair enough. But apparently, sending soft fleshy humans in SPACE SUITS IS FINE?! I seriously question a space exploration organisation that can't build a probe to withstand something a SPACE SUIT can withstand.

The episode continues to barrel forward with one nonsensical decision after another. I was thinking that if I turned my brain off I might enjoy this episode, but once my brain was off it just became a sequence of unexplained events leaving me bewildered.

Oh, by the way, the space suits have A BACKUP SYSTEM THAT MAINTAINS VITALS AND THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY TIME IT COMES UP. So really, Tom and B'Elanna's near death confessions of love in "Day of Honor" were really just jumping the gun.

I was about to award this episode Facepalm out of 5, but the resolution wasn't terrible, and saved this from being a total write off. But it's not enough to elevate this beyond a Train Wreck.
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