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Re: Non Trek Fic: Quinn's Code (A Daria AU)

“I don't think we have to go any farther. I am really pleased! I think the whole school needs to hear about this at assembly!” Mr O'Neill said a few minutes later.

The three teens looked at each other. Their expressions said the same thing. 'Uh, oh!'

Andrea looked at the VBScript code on the screen.

Option Explicit

Set oWMI = GetObject("winmgmts:" & _

Set myObj = oWMI.ExecQuery _
("select IPAddress from" & _
"Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration" & _
" where IPEnabled=True")

“That is rather good, Quinn,” she said. It looked exactly as the flowchart and the pseudocode had laid out. “You can run it now,” she said. 'I am certain that there are no errors. I think she corrected them all in that proofreading,' she thought.

Quinn minimised the IDE screen and double clicked the .vbs file. The script ran, without error and a drive letter on Quinn's XP system was mapped to one of Andrea's network shares.

“Cool!” Quinn said.

Andrea smiled. 'If she is this good at VBScript...'

“So I delete it now?” Quinn asked, about the connection to the network share.

“No, keep it. All the members of the Programming Club have the connection. Its a common file repository. As long as you are on my network. It's accessable,” Andrea said.

“So, if I use a VPN to connect to it, the share is available?” Quinn asked, wondering why Andrea had a share that all of the Programming Club members could access...

“Yes,” Andrea said.

'She is up to something. It may be worth joining the Anime Club, afterall,' Quinn thought, as she started closing the programs on the laptop.

Friday, September 24, 2005
Quinn entered homeroom carrying the information sheet on the Anime Club. As she had expected the person whom had invited her to join was the President. 'Jenna Schwartz, she's a sophomore. I'll talk to her at recess.

Jenna Schwartz was surprised when Quinn Morgendorffer walked up to her in the corridor. “Hi, Jenna. I would like to take up your offer to join the Anime Club,” Quinn said.

“That would be cool, Quinn. But why did it take so long to decide?” Jenna asked.

“I wasn't sure if I wanted to be in a third club, but I do like Anime so the Anime Club is a good choice. Also that Andrea is so weird,” Quinn said.

Jenna chuckled. “She definitely is. Come with me and I will give you a form. Once its filled out, you're in,” she said.

“Cool,” she said.

Unknown to Quinn and Jenna, Stacy Rowe had overheard them from her locker. 'The Anime Club. If Sandi wasn't such a hardcase about things, I would have joined a few weeks ago,' she thought. She closed her locker and headed to the bathroom where Sandi and Tiffany were waiting for her.

The end of week school assembly was in progress.
“And once again, the bake sale was a tremendous success. We raised more than $400, which was subsequently stolen from the office, but I am confident we will get that money back. In a related note, the school nurse will be visiting homerooms on Monday to collect DNA samples. Now, Mr. O'Neill has exciting news about our after-school self-esteem class,” Principal Angela Li said.
Mr O'Neill stood and approached the podium.

“This is really going to help me gradually ease into student life,” Daria said, sarcastically.

“Usually when I have this dream I'm wearing pink taffeta,” Jane commented.

“I always wanted to be on assembly. Not!” Jennifer said.

“Thank you. You know, self-esteem is a little like your car's brake fluid. You may not even know you're low on it until, one day, you go to shift gears and nothing happens,” Mr O'Neill said.

“That's transmission fluid!” One of the students in the audience yelled.

“That's... what I said,” Mr O'Neill said, trying to cover his mistake. “Anyway, I'd like you to meet three students who have completed our self-esteem course faster than anyone ever before! Please join me in congratulations as I present these certificates of self-esteem to... Daria Morgendorffer, Jane Lane and Jennifer Burns.”

There was some applause from the audience, but there was not much.

“Oh, what the hell,” Jane muttered as she stepped up to the podium. “I just want to say how proud I am today. Knowing that I have self-esteem gives me even more self-esteem.” She paused, looked at Daria and Jennifer and smirked. “On the other hand, having all of you know that I had low self-esteem makes me feel... kind of bad... like a big failure or something...” she said histronically.

Most of the audience began to laugh at Jane's behaviour.

“I, uh, I want to go home!” Jane said, as she let out an exaggerated sob and ran off the stage.

“Jennifer, wait!” Mr O'Neill called out as he ran after Jane.

'That's Ms Lane, not Ms Burns!' Ms Li thought, she knew that Jane was 'faking it' even if her head Language Arts teacher didn't!

Jennifer stepped up to the podium with trepidation. There was a reason why Jodie always read the reports for the Computer Club at assemblies. “Thankyou. I am happy to have high self-esteem rather than low self-esteem. I feel I can better contribute. Thanks again,” she said. She walked away from the podium and breathed a sigh of relief. She glanced in the audience.
She could see Jodie, Mack, Quinn, Kristen, Cindy, a few other friends, members of the Computer Club and a few others clapping. She smiled as she went back to her seat.

Daria stepped up to the podium. “No one can battle a terrible problem like low self-esteem on their own. It takes good coaching... “

In the audience, Sandi was sitting boredly between two boys. 'This is stupid!' she thought.

“Who cares about these losers?” one of them said.

“Hey, beats algebra, though, doesn't it?” the other, Corey Bateman said. He then high-fived his friend over the top of Sandi's head.
“Hey!” she snapped.

“Oops,” the other said.

“Did you hear what I said, Sandi? I said, like, who cares how bad this is - it's still better than algebra!” Corey said.

“I, like, heard you the first time, Corey. I't's not funny!” Sandi said, with force in her voice. 'Of course its better than algebra!' she thought.

“Ok,” Corey said, leaning slightly away from Sandi.

Daria was still talking “...realize my actuality. Winning the fight against low self-esteem takes support... from teachers, from friends, and most of all, from family,”

“Is that loser still talking?” Corey asked. He was about to high-five his friend again, when Sandi glared at him. “Eep!” He then leaned away from Sandi further, brushing against Stacy.

Daria was beginning to conclude; “And so, the one person I'd like to thank more than any other is my very own overachiever sister, Quinn Morgendorffer...”

Quinn was aghast. “Overachiever!” she exclamed. At Kristen's look she added. “Overacheiver! She's the one with the Straight A's! I have at best a B+ average,” she said, with a hint of jelousy.

“Maybe it's the extracurriculars?” Cindy asked.

“It would appear to be overacheiving if she doesn't have any,” Kristen said.

“I'm not sure,” Quinn said.

“Quinn has forgotten more about self-esteem than I'll ever know. Are you out there, sis? Stand up and let me thank you,” Daria said, smirking.

“She just wants to embarrass me,” Quinn said.

“I guess,” Cindy said.

“Obviously,” Kristen said.

“That moussy brain is Quinn's sister?” Corey asked, mostly to himself. 'How is it that they are not so alike in personality?' he wondered.

With a calculating look in her eyes, Sandi said, “Yes, there is like, too much of a resemblance for it to be otherwise.”

“Yeah,” Corey said.

“Not only is Quinn a geek, she is also a brain!” Sandi said. 'And so the seed is, like planted,' she thought.

Stacy observed the conversation between Sandi and Corey with trepidation. 'She can be so manipulative!, she thought.

Daria soon finished.

Ms Li took the podium “Thankyou, Ms Morgendorffer for that inspirational speech. Now remember single file when exiting the auditorium.”

Quinn walked to Andrea's thinking about Daria embarrassing her during the assembly. It always had been so that she and Daria were at each other's throats, sometimes literally. 'She is a misanthropic jerk! And I am sure that she think's of me in similar terms. At least we aren't like Mom and Aunt Rita,' she thought.
As she approached the creepy house she saw that Andrea was waiting for her. She looked at her watch. 4:04 pm it read. 'Punctuality not found,' she thought as she came up to the front of the Hecuba's property.

“You're late,” Andrea said, pointedly.

“I thought I would walk. I thought I needed time to think about the events during assembly,” Quinn said.

“If I had a sibling and they embarrassed me like that, I wouldn't talk to them for quite a while,” Andrea said, as she lead the way inside.

'You don't know Daria.'

Helen stopped the SUV in front of the Hecuba's house. “That's the house where she has been spending her afternoons?” Jake asked.

“Yes Jake, wait here, then we're going to the UFO convention,” Helen said as she got out.

'Oh my, no wonder Quinn said that this place is creepy,' she thought as she walked up the path. She hoped that creepiness did not extend to the people who lived there.

“You get a B+ for Perl,” Andrea said to Quinn.

“Cool!” Quinn said.

There was a few knocks on the bedroom door and Andrea's mother could be heard saying “Andrea, Quinn's mother is here to pick her up.”
“Let her in,” Andrea said, tersely.

A few moments later Helen opened the door. “Oh my, this is worse than Daria's room,” she said, taking in the dark décor.

Andrea raised an eyebrow 'I guess Daria may be a closet Goth,' she thought.

“Mo-om, why are you picking me up?” Quinn asked.

“We are going to visit the UFO convention tonight,” Helen said.

Quinn sighed, as she shut her laptop. “It was Daria's idea, wasn't it,”

“Yes, to celebrate her getting out of the self-esteem class early,” Helen said.

“Mom, she used her speech to embarrass me,” Quinn said.

“That's nothing new.”

“She called me an overacheiver!”

Andrea backed off, not wishing to get caught up in the Morgendorffer family's dynamic. 'I have enough of that with my own family,' she thought.

“Quinn, she may have straight A's but she doesn't have any extracurricular activities,” Helen said.

“I suppose,” Quinn said, thinking.

Andrea made a 'throat clearing' noise.

“Oh! Sorry for this family discussion in your room...” Helen said, pausing, not sure of Andrea's name.


“Would you like to come over to our place to test Quinn next week?” Helen asked.

“I will think about it,” Andrea said.

“Right,” Helen said.

“Bye, Andrea,” Quinn said.

10 minutes later the Morgendorffers had arrived at the UFO convention.

'This is so weird!” Quinn thought after they checked in. A lot of the exhibits exuded a creepiness at a similar level to that of Andrea's house. Of course some of them were even creepier.

“Let's go get our picture taken with the cardboard alien,” Daria suggested. She lead Helen and Jake towards the cardboard alien in question.
“Uh... sure, honey. Whatever you want,” Jake said.

'I don't particularly want to have my picture taken with a creepy looking cardboard alien,' Quinn thought as she stayed where she was.

“Quinn?” Helen asked.

“I'll wait here,” Quinn said.

“OK, We'll be right back,” Jake said.

Quinn looked around, for a few seconds before someone walked up to her.
“Hi! I'm Artie. You're cool,” he said.

That was the last straw... “Mom! Dad! You guys, wait up!” Quinn said. She then went after her 3 immediate family members. 'So this is how my first week in Lawndale ends?' she thought.


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