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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Beverlump: "I need to run more tests" (*vacant stare*)

Troi: "He's/she's/they're hiding something" (*concerned glance*)

Riker: (*puts leg up on Data/Wesley's console, cocks head at 45-degree angle and strokes beard thoughtfully*)

Picard: "Tea, Earl Grey, hot"

Data: (*expresses emotions, then laments inability to express emotions*)

Geordi: (*consoles Data, otherwise does nothing of interest*)

...and I like TNG!

Yeah that's about the sum of my gripe, I just find it bland and preachy in rather too many places.. and none of the characters did anything for me which would usually excuse bland and preachy. I watch it for its important Trek history. Picard is a class act. Riker however I absolutely loath and why people like him is a complete mystery to me.

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