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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Also with dru being back in spike life do you think willow will give her a soul as well?
Rumor is that Dru will indeed get a soul but Spike will lose his. If that's true, then Spike was already without a soul during his appearances in Buffy Season 8. Something to ponder...
That's the plot of the latest Spike comic (Spike #6), but it's pretty clear that the soul-losing (an incredibly stupid plotline, BTW) is only temporary. There's no way that Spike was soulless during season 8, because, for one thing, it would be really bad writing if he acted as it he was souled while he was soulless. If anything, he's better at restraining his emotions in S8 than he was in S7. There's no freaking way that Spike of S6 would act around Buffy the way he acts in #40, or #37 for that matter.

Besides, for the soul-losing and soul-gaining to be relevant to season 8, they would have to make the whole idea of "soul for a soul" canon... even though it makes no sense from everything else we've seen on the shows and surely something that big would have been mentioned at some point. I really don't believe that Whedon plans to retcon the mythology of the soul based on Lynch's idea for an IDW comic.

People are already debating what in the comic is or isn't canon... I won't be surprised if it comes down to "So, this panel is canon, but the next one maybe isn't, and this panel is canon but the balloon in the left corner isn't"

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do you think she'll revert to her older self or be crazier than she already is ?
Dru was already crazy before she got sired. Soul doesn't cure insanity (it's more likely that it would make a sane vampire go crazy) and soullessness or being a vampire was never a reason she was insane. It was what happened to her while she was still human. She is more likely to be the way she was in that church flashback in "Darla" than in the older flashback in "Becoming".
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