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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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If this works out, Netflix may be in a position to buy first run rights for a new Star Trek series.
Yes AviTrek I was thinking about this again. The whole where would a new Star Trek TV series be on television?

Unlike traditional broadcast and cable networks, Netflix won’t be scheduling the show on a certain night and time or running ads to promote it.
hence non-linear TV channel-type distribution.

Media Rights Capital that call for the company to commit to 26 episodes of the show at a cost of tens of millions of dollars. Most striking is that as part of the deal being discussed, MRC would not have to make a test episode or pilot, according to people close to the talks.
Could CBS Television require Netflix or Hulu Plus, YouTube Premium, or premium subscription services to have a similar commitment to take on the Star Trek TV series distribution?

"They could be paying a very high price tag for content that does not find an audience,” said Laura Martin, an analyst with Needham & Co. “No way they will get access to a hit show unless it is by accident."
Now this is where a new Trek series around 2015 would be ideal. The audience exists and demand is there.

If House of Cards brings Netflix original drama fans, it might also look to strike deals that would bring reality TV fans, or those who love web series, or how about those who love DVD extras — because we know there are bundles of “extra” or non-published archived content sitting gathering dust that many content owners wouldn’t mind monetizing.
Yes like archival raw interviews with Trek actors on sets of various TOS, TNG, VOY, ENT, DS9 series.
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