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Re: Netflix Instant Queue Wiped Out

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My Instant Watch queue appears to be fine. Thank God, because I was all set to start sobbing hysterically and ripping out large pieces of skin from my face.

I don't handle change very well.
Same here. Though mine is so large it might have been better to have had to start over.
How many do you have, if I may ask? I'm trying to figure out the upper limit on the queue.

Spot's Meow wrote: View Post
My queue is still there, and my seasons are still listed as separate discs. I wonder if this is something they are trying on just some accounts?
Mine went back to normal around 5:30 AM (EDT), so I'm hoping everyone else's queue is back to normal.
As for the seasons/series thing, that's the odd part. Series' like Avatar and Quantum Leap are consolidated, while Married With Children, A-Team, Monk, Roseanne and Seaquest are not.
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