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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

timothy wrote: View Post
what giving dru a soul would'nt crue her of her maddness which was done by angel ?
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timothy wrote: View Post
what giving dru a soul would'nt crue her of her maddness which was done by angel ?
More likely, if Dru were re-ensouled and restored to being the person that she was, she would probably go even more insane from the memory of all of the death and pain that she is responsible for.
Exactly. And BTW Dru went insane before she was turned into a vampire. Angel said that he first drove her insane, then he sired her, and we saw insane human Drusilla in "Darla" flashbacks. She wasn't insane in a funny way like vampire Drusilla, she was just sitting there and looking completely lost and pitiable.

And what do you know.

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I wonder if they're going to do any more motion comic DVDs? I just can't get into the comic medium but I can tolerate the motion comics. But I really wish some of these would be adapted into animated movies.

The weird thing that struck me about Season 8 (at least what I've seen) is how different it feels from the latter seasons of the TV show. Whereas Season 7 seemed to shift a great deal of the focus towards Anya, Spike, & Andrew, Season 8 brings it back to the core 3 of Buffy, Xander, & Willow. Sadly not enough Giles.
Well there's also the thing with Spike and Angel being in their own comics on IDW, which is not going to be a problem in the next season. And I'm not sure you're quite right about the core three. The season actually focused quite a lot on Faith (who got her own 4-issue arc) and Dawn (who got her own standalone issue and a big role [no pun intended] in a few other arcs). Not to mention that some other one-shots focused on Harmony ("Harmonic Divergence" and a few supplementary e-comics), Kennedy and Satsu ("Swell"), and even Riley (the Riley one-shot).

And even if the show did focus on the core 3, everything else was very different from the show, with Buffy being a leader of an army a celebrity and a "public enemy", Xander a watcher-of-sorts and Willow being a super-witch with powers much greater than anything we've seen on the show. #40 in fact represents going back "home", with Willow de-powered, Xander back to being an everyman with a construction work job, and Buffy as an unsung lone hero again, working in a cafeteria by day and hunting monsters in dark alleys by night.

It's kinda like the opposite of Angel: After the Fall, which not only kept the core Season 5 cast of Angel, Spike, Gunn, Illyria, Lorne, & Wesley but also brought back all of those old characters like Connor, Anne, Gwen Raiden, and even long forgotten heroes like Groo & Kate Lockley.
Well, season 8 actually brought back everyone long time gone that could possibly or almost possibly be brought back. In chronological order:

Ethan Rayne
Warren (!!)
Riley (+ Sam in the Riley one-shot)
Angel (well, actually he's been there all along but we didn't know that)
Whistler (in the Riley one-shot)
The Master (!!!)

Plus, if you count dreams, we also get to see Caleb, Tara ("Always Darkest", which also features cameis by a bunch of monsters from the show like the Gentlemen) and season 1 Joyce and Cordelia in "After These Messages" and we get to see the Mayor in Faith's flashback. It's like S8 took care to reference just about everything from the show.
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