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Re: Modified TOS Ent - Wallpapers

Hey Jason,

Came across your version of an updated TOS Enterprise and have to say WOW. I was never real thrilled with the JJ Abrams version or the film for that matter. Wish there had been someway to get your rendition of the Enterprise in to the movie. You've done a great job keeping the old look and feel while updating the detail on the ship. I've also seen your recent update of the collectors on the front of the nacelles. Very nice, and can't wait for some updated wallpaper. I also like what you have done to the deflector dish and main hull. Very nice indeed and the best update I have seen thus far.

In fact, you've inspired me to get back in to using 3ds max. I had pretty much given it up after leaving Autodesk (known as Discreet back then) and having run the support forums for Autodesk for 4 years.

Last serious piece I did in 3D was a rendition of the starship for a little known Rock Band from the 70's known as Boston. I had to transition from 3D Studio to 3ds Max and wanted to try my hand at the Enterprise but there were these guys at Wolf 359 that had done an awesome job on the Enterprise and I wanted something that couldn't be said I had just used someone's model. Thus I pulled out the Boston album Don't Look Back and used the blue print on the sleeve to render the guitar starship. It would later be used on their Corporate America CD, T-Shirts, Calendars....

Anyway, would love to get your contact info directly. If okay with you just email me at

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