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Re: Netflix Instant Queue Wiped Out

shivkala wrote: View Post
We noticed that they are now grouping all TV seasons together. In a way, it makes sense, but if you're watching a show that has seasons that have not yet been released, it might make it more difficult to know when they are available on Instant Queue, just by checking Netflix.

On the other hand, I just started watching 30 Rock and I did find it annoying that I had to add all of the seasons to my Instant Queue. Not the end of the world, mind you, but a minor annoyance all the same.
I don't know what they're doing. Normally I'm quite satisfied with Netflix, but lately, they've been changing up a few things. One thing is that my Roku box despises Netflix, because either Roku or Netflix can't get the coding down right and so I get buffering, skipping, restarting, rebuffering, poor quality on my connection even though the connection itself is more than enough (and plays on my PC without a hitch).

It also doesn't help that Netflix doesn't have an official forum. I have to glean what's going on from a dozen sources that may or may not know anything about what's going on. I still don't know what caused my movies to disappear, and now I'm concerned that it can happen again, and be permanent next time.
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