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Re: Alison Brie: Babe of the week #12 (Mar. 2011)

Loved her ever since I first saw her on Mad Men in 2007.

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Yeah, good read. That's an essay she wrote for a book called Worst Laid Plans: When Bad Sex Happens to Good People. If anyone hasn't clicked on it yet, she refers to herself as the Queen of Copulation, talks about her sexual exploits in art school and describes how she de-virginized a gay friend.

Exploring my newfound sexuality, there was, of course, the girl-on-girl action, the crazy threesome with the afros and whips, and the surreal ‘shrooms experience where I thought the tree was fondling me but it turned out to be my creepy male roommate with calluses on his hands… gross. You get the picture. I developed this (possibly misplaced) sexual pride, based solely on the quantity of penetrations of my vagina… and not necessarily the quality of the acts therein.
I was really excited about it, 'cuz I was stoned, and he was really excited about it. 'Cuz he's gay. So he gets in the closet with me — literally and figuratively — and we're both into it now, like movin' and touchin' our... selves. And before we know it, he has liftoff! So he gets the condom on and I get on him and we're doing it! We're actually doing it! And we're into it. That's right. We grind and bump for a good ten, fifteen seconds when suddenly he grabs me and is like, "Oh my God, oh my God.... The condom broke!" And I get off him, fast. I'm freaking out a bit and I'm like, "Oh my God, what? How do you know?" And he takes it off, examining it, and he's like, "Well, it's all wet down there." I lift my eyes, red and puffy from the pot, defeated and full of shame as I realize... "Oh. Well, that was me."
Disclaimer: "Even though college was an experimental time, I definitely embellished to set the story in a more humorous context. I was also sure my story was going to be buried in this book—37 other brilliant actors contributed." - LA Times Magazine, August 2010

Thumbs up.
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