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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

I'd agree with the many sage comments here about not mistaking 'interpretation' with acting, so no problem with Beltran or Blalock's performances in their respective roles. I know people who dislike Combs, Alaimo, Robinson as 'showboaters', and I have my own issues with Brooks and Stewart declamatory style.

Strangely, I think Frakes and Sirtis would have been better with more comedic parts. Their commentary on Insurrection is one of the funniest ever, and though I think Sirtis lousy on TNG, her best scene was that bar one in FC.

For overall worst regular though, my award goes to McFadden. It wasn't the part - I just think she's a not very good/emotive actress.

As for guest star, so many but recent stand-out for me was Padma Lakshmi (?) on ENT. How they hell she got cast I'll never know
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