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Netflix Instant Queue Wiped Out

So I check my Netflix Instant Queue this morning and I find two things:

1] That TV series seasons are now all grouped together.
2] That my 400+ movies and TV shows are now wiped out, leaving only 12 seemingly random titles.

I have yet to call Netflix, but I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

Edit: They've now re-appeared, and I tried to call Netflix but had a 20 minute wait. A 20 minute wait early in the morning? I'm betting I'm not the only one with the issue. So the titles are back, and they've still grouped entire series' seasons together, so just as an example, now it's not 3 seasons of Avatar with 18-20 episodes each, it's one monolithic block of Avatar with 54 episodes. I don't think I like that.
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