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Re: Favorite Voyager Episode OF ALL TIME!?

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Honestly, can I just say "all of the above?" LOL

On the famous "Timeless" crash sequence... I know the storyboards for that sequence are posted online somewhere, but I cannot remember WHERE They were some of the coolest storyboards I have ever seen, and probably a big reason why that scene flows so well in the final.

Is that what you're looking for?
YES, bless your heart!

Look at the dynamic, urgent linework and the great use of marker. MMMMmmmm. That, friends, is how a storyboard is done. Yum yum. The TV version would have been even more dynamic if they had followed that ending bit to the letter and not had the ship centered and totally upright in the middle of the screen, IMO. But maybe they wanted to zoom in on the saucer section and not the deflector dish.

EDIT: Actually, the sequence where the ship is approaching the planet is a bit more dynamic on the storyboard, too. Camera seems like it's more off to the side and at a lower angle.

EDIT2: AND a crew POV while the ship was still in the upper reaches of the atmosphere! Oooh.

EDIT3: And that cool part where they would have panned over to see Voyager appearing in the distance. Damn you, budget constraints or whatever prevented that shot.

Yum yum yum.

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