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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

LIVING WITNESS - 4x23 - 5/5

One of Voyager and Trek's finest. This absolutely stellar premise, is engaging from the opening scene. The historical recreation of Voyager is shockingly fun, and if I may say, features Janeway's best hairstyle ever.

This is one of the few episodes of Voyager that establishes that the Doctor has a backup, and it makes total sense to do this! I won't hold it against this episode for the rest of the series failing to address this point of sense.

Henry Woronicz delivers another great guest performance and Picardo is stellar as ever. Even the ending was a damn fine resolution.

There's some problems with reconciling this species with the Federation's continued expansion of the alpha quadrant (you'd assume they'd make contact some day). But who cares. I'll hand wave this happily because this is such a fine piece of Trek.
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