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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Despite their position, Swansea aren't one of the top 3/4 sides in the division IMO - that would be QPR, Norwich, Cardiff and (I hate to say it) Forest. Might even have to add Leeds and Leicester to the list as well as I can't see us beating either of them anytime soon either.

Glick's been left high and dry at Derby by the owners. A thankless task of trying to run the club with no real support from either Appleby or our owners. The owners currently put in an amount every season to balance the seasonal budget back to 0 (as we're still running at a loss, somehow!), but beyond that there's no real investment, which is why Nigel's had to wheel-and-deal so much.

Personally, I think they'll be gone in the summer. If they've been taught anything this season it's that they're on a hiding to nothing. They know they've made a bad investment, around a sport that they didn't really understand, and Gasby's prepared to bail them out at cost plus a modest profit. They'd be mad to turn down that offer now.

Savage off the wagebill, probably Varney in the summer as well, and most likely Bywater too - that along with Commons' and Hulse's wages going, that's a huge reduction in the player wagebill. The worry is that Glick's said that we still need to get it down lower, which means that he's probably counting on Sav's, Varney's and Bywater's wages going as being key in achieving that, hence we probably won't use that additional space in the wage budget anyway.

Note the comments before the Swansea game when Glick said that there'd be heavy investment over the summer - When put to Nigel, he simply laughed it off. He doesn't believe it, and neither do I. Plus, they've backed themselves into a corner. They'll probably look to use the season ticket money to underpin acquisitions over the summer - only people will want to see the investment before they go for the season tickets.

The sooner they're gone the better IMO.
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