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Re: David Slade Will Direct Daredevil for Fox

Starbreaker wrote: View Post
Hmm... I liked Hard Candy, but Eclipse was the worst movie of last year. It made Twilight and New Moon look like Oscar winners.
Worse than The Last Airbender?

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
I'm game for another Daredevil movie. I agree with several points already made. The first movie had editing issues which I think compounded the 'feel' of too much going on. The theatrical cut is much better. If you haven't seen it, try it. An entire plot line that clears things up a lot is what is missing, down side from a run time perspective is it's about 20+min of footage.
It's actually an extra 33 minutes of footage, resulting in a cut that's 30 minutes longer (due to 3 minutes of conflicting scenes that were cut out). And that's a good thing if only because it's a director's cut that actually gives you your money's worth. So many "director's cuts" just drop in an extra couple minutes of nothing clips and call it a day. The Director's Cut of Daredevil doesn't just add scenes. It totally restructures the movie, switching the order of many scenes, changing the context & meaning of several lines. I suspect very few other director's cuts have been so bold in their changes. Perhaps The Abyss, Blade Runner, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dark City, & The Lord of the Rings. (Then there's the cynical, shortened TV version of Brazil included on the Criterion Collection DVD.)

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I'm in the minority that liked the first one
Yeah! Represent!

Overall, I think the 1st one gets a bad rap, and I think that's mostly because it was very fashionable to bash Affleck back in 2003. (It hasn't gone totally out of style but it's not a national obsession now like it was 8 years ago.) Frankly, I've liked him in everything I've seen him in. Armageddon, Paycheck, & Pearl Harbor all had decent performances from him, even if the movies left something to be desired. Reindeer Games was a helluva lot of fun! And he's delightfully self-deprecating, depicting himself as an insatiable prostitute murderer in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

But my favorite performance of his is as Daredevil. I think he does such a good job of capturing the physical & psychological toll of being a superhero. And then, when he meets another wounded soul like Elektra, it's like an answer to a prayer. Plus, Jon Favreau provides great comic relief. While I'm not totally satisfied with the resolution to the Kingpin storyline in either version, I think the movie captures enough of the right feeling that it's worth it, even in the Theatrical Cut. (Plus, I still miss the 1st confessional scene.)
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