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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

I wonder if they're going to do any more motion comic DVDs? I just can't get into the comic medium but I can tolerate the motion comics. But I really wish some of these would be adapted into animated movies.

The weird thing that struck me about Season 8 (at least what I've seen) is how different it feels from the latter seasons of the TV show. Whereas Season 7 seemed to shift a great deal of the focus towards Anya, Spike, & Andrew, Season 8 brings it back to the core 3 of Buffy, Xander, & Willow. Sadly not enough Giles.

It's kinda like the opposite of Angel: After the Fall, which not only kept the core Season 5 cast of Angel, Spike, Gunn, Illyria, Lorne, & Wesley but also brought back all of those old characters like Connor, Anne, Gwen Raiden, and even long forgotten heroes like Groo & Kate Lockley.

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also with dru being back in spike life do you think willow will give her a soul as well ?
I really can't picture that.

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I read Queen of the Slayers. Possibly the worst thing I've ever read. It may be set after Season 7, but suffice to say it's not connected to the Season 8 comics
Sometimes I think I really have to read that one. It just sounds so unimaginably awful I'm frequently convinced it's a joke and that nothing as bad as you say this is could ever be published.
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