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Re: Star Trek: The Experience

I went back in 2001 and had a great time, too bad it closed, it was a very neat place.

I got into an "arguement" in one of the shops with a Ferengi when I told a woman not to buy anything from the Ferengi that was harassing her to buy some trinket from him. He went into a 30 second tirade about how "you hewmons are all alike" basically how we think that we are superior to Ferengi but really aren't. The actors knew their stuff, as he was very convincing.

We had a Romulan waiter at Quarks who I kept insisting was Tal Shir, he kept insisting in a mock paranoid way that he was not. My 6 year-old son was fascinated with the Bat'leth one of the Klingons had, and he let him hold it for a picture, he also offered Blood Wine which we had to decline.

The props, the makeup and the actors were top notch. The ride was great, as was being on the Enterprise D bridge, just a fun time for all.
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