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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

26. Battle: LA: B+
27. Righteous Kill: B
28. Dracula II: Ascension: B-
29. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li: D

This finally made it's way up my Netflix queue but only cause Dracula III is on short wait. I had to see this for a few reasons one of which was 'can Kristin stretch her "acting" skills beyond boring Lana", NOPE!! Sometimes I watch a movie that I've heard was horrible and don't either fully agree or agree at all. This movie did not accomplish that. It was pretty much everything I'd heard about it.

The dialogue was uninspiring as was the delivery. Not sure if that is a chicken/egg syndrome or not. Those voiceovers during the movie by Kruek were so bland. I'm thinking that is just her 'style' cause she delivers Lana on Smallville the same bland way. I don't think she's been directed to appear melancholic that many times.

The only saving grace of the movie is that a couple of the fight scenes were tolerable. However, the final scene where she uses her 'chi' power and then does this physics defying neck snap were laughable.

The witty connection at the end where Gen shows her the Street Fighter flyer and says, "I'm told a great fighter there named Ryu...something is someone we should look into recruiting" was unfortunately also a highlight. Lets face it, when that qualifies as a highlight that tells you a lot right there.

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I was perusing FutureShop the other day and came across a Blu-Ray pack of the Man With No Name trilogy for $29.99, which seemed like a pretty good deal, since the same store had a Blu-Ray of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for $19.99.

Anyway, this is about as good as a bog-standard Western gets, I think - by which I mean, it's pretty much a distilled gunfighter story without really any themes or characterization. The movie made Clint Eastwood a star, and you can see why, because even with the preceding issues, he always commands your attention and is fun to watch.
I caught the same set on a sale from Amazon over the Holidays for $14.99 and picked it up also. I watched all 3 for the first time and didn't regret the blind buy either. Eastwood does command your attention cause you aren't quite sure if he's going to shoot, dare the other guy to act first or deliver a line of irreverence.

Futureshop is that a Canadian outlet like Best Buy in the States?
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