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Re: David Slade Will Direct Daredevil for Fox

I'm game for another Daredevil movie. I agree with several points already made. The first movie had editing issues which I think compounded the 'feel' of too much going on. The theatrical cut is much better. If you haven't seen it, try it. An entire plot line that clears things up a lot is what is missing, down side from a run time perspective is it's about 20+min of footage.

DD is like a hybrid of Spidey & Batman which is probably why Frank Miller also did such a good job with the character.

I'm not an Affleck fan by a long shot but DD is on the short list of his films where I think he pulls off a good performance.

I like this quote from the OP's link. described as a "continuation" of the superhero story, but won't refer to anything from the 2003 Daredevil starring Ben Affleck.
I'm glad to see this as a trend. Incredible Hulk did it, Wolverine 2 and Ghost Rider 2 are doing it and Daredevil is following that trend.

I wish Amazing Spiderman had. There is no reason for us to revisit the High School story of Parker so close to the Raimi saga. I wish Fantastic Four would do it but we shall see.
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